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Us? If you insist, here is a little About Us.

It all started in 2014, The Rebbe’s Choice founder Naftali Engel was in Yeshiva in Israel. Naftali went up north to the mystical city of Safed to spendShabboswith his brother who lived there with his family. After a beautiful Shachris came a mouthwatering Kiddush. The smell of old school Yerushalmi Kugel and Israeli pickles filled the air but one thing caught Naftali’s taste buds the most. A delicious homemade herring, with flavor and quality that he had not yet tasted in Israel. Seeking out this master herring maker in the crowd was easy, his beard was dripping with schmaltz to be fair. Naftali went over and asked him how to make such amazing herring! He was more than excited to divulge his secret herring recipe; “First, you have to dance with the fish… then sayTikkun Haklaliwith the fish, after that sit down and say someShemios Hatzadikimto the herring. If you can, go to the Mikvah before you prepare the fish…” Now while this is really a special recipe Naftali ended up getting a basic recipe from his brother. Still fascinated by the idea introduced by the Safed herring maker; that food can have more meaning than physical appearance, flavor or smell. Food can also be a spiritual experience.

When Naftali returned to Yeshiva he went to study in the Beis Medrash, engrossing himself in holy teachings of Hasidic Rebbes. As Shabbos neared Naftali took a trip to Shuk Machane Yehuda to shop for his first herring making experience, still feeling inspired by the teachings he had studied he allowed them to influence his creativity and develop his own recipe rooted in the inspiration from Hasidic teachings, stories and personalities.

As time in Yeshiva passed he continued to develop new and unique flavors and processes to create delicious herring that his Yeshiva was raving about.

Returning to the United States, Naftali began laying down the ground work to start The Rebbe’s Choice. A new herring company, founded on the principles of using fresh ingredients, high quality fish and proprietary manufacturing processes to begin building The Rebbe’s Choice.

Fast forward a few years and The Rebbe’s Choice and Litfish has expanded outside of Herring; introducing a full delectable line of Herring, Smoked Salmon, Kichel, Pickles, Spices and so much more all with the same principles of using the best ingredients for the best product. Find us in your local kosher grocery or have our delicious products delivered to your door!

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