Shelach - Going Up

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After their forty day scout of the Holy Land the spies returned to the rest of Klal Yisrael to give the report of what they had seen. Yet the report they relayed was very negative and pessimistic, going as far to say that “we are unable to go up against these people, they are stronger than us (and our God)” (13:31) Yehoshua wasn’t a fan of this fake news. He stood up and said to all of Klal Yisrael “We definitely will go up! We will conquer The Land, we can do it!”(13:30). Rashi says on the words “We definitely will go up” that even if Moshe told us to make ladders to climb up to Heaven we would succeed. Yehoshua had Emunah that whatever Moshe told us to do God would be with us to help us along, even if it was something that may appear impossible to us down below. For it is only impossible through rational methods but we have no idea what is Above and the miraculous things that open up channels and pathways leading to our success. The Meraglim saw these huge fortified cities and giants that were so big they blocked out the sun so they thought rationally that we cannot conquer this land. To see all these things and go head first into battle knowing God is with you requires tremendous faith. And although Klal Yisrael did not have the faith that God would assist us, God had His faith in our future in Eretz Yisrael. For after Klal Yisrael rebelled twice Hashem began commanding us mitzvos to be fulfilled in Israel only (15:2). We can see the tremendous Emunah Hashem has in what is ahead for His people, even though we had rebelled greatly and Hashem was going to kill us all in the desert. God looked at the next rung on our ladder and saw we would succeed, we “definitely will go up”, even though where we stood now was in the pits of failure and rebellion the next rung on the ladder was to something so high and Holy God knew we would succeed with His help. We each have a spiritual ladder in front of us, each rung a new step closer to Heaven – to Hashem. In our lives we often become comfortably numb to our spiritual standing so we end up on the same step of the ladder for a while or even worse, fall down. It is at this point we need to see the message Hashem was teaching Klal Yisrael when He gave over Halachos that pertained to the “next rung”, that God doesn’t want us to go from 0-100+ in one day, He wants us to take it one step at a time. God believes in our future, He believes that we will succeed regardless of what we may have done before. It is up to us to take the next step with the faith that the next rung is where God wants us to be, and through our faith in Him and His faith in us “we will definitely go up”.