Yisro - Hearing the Music

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This weeks Parsha begins with the Pasuk, “Vayishma Yisro… And Yisro heard.”(18:1).

What was it that Yisro heard? Rashi said he heard of Kriyas Yam Suf. Yet, the question still remains… so what?

Maybe we can understand the great affect Yetzias Mitzrayim, and the giving of the Torah had on the world and its inhabitants through a Mashul;

There was once this great musician who began playing one of his compositions in the town square. He played his melody with the greatest sweetness and fervor. This tune was so moving; joyous, and beautiful that all those who heard the melody began dancing as they could not contain their emotions when they comprehended the beauty of this musicians melody, they danced and they felt as if their delight would carry them away. Whoever was dancing closer to the musician, or made themselves closer to the musician felt the musicians energy on another level and enjoyed the music even more. Those who were right next to the musician danced with the greatest ecstasy, they danced even more joyously the closer they got to the source of the beautiful tune.

In the middle of all this comes a deaf man. This deaf man was unable to comprehend the reason behind the joyous dancing. Yes he saw the people dancing in ecstasy, yes he saw the musician expounding upon his instruments but he chose to not believe that music was actually playing. He believed since he could not comprehend the reason for this joyous dancing everyone dancing must be insane. This is because the Deaf man chose not to see the truth, for if he was wise even though he may be unable to hear the sweet melody himself he could have believed that such a song could exist and began dancing along with his brethren but he chose to be deaf… He chose to believe that something, something that perhaps only he is unable to comprehend, cannot exist. He brought his deafness upon himself at that moment.

Yisro heard. He heard the great orchestrations of Hashem and he was compelled to join the Jewish nation, for not only did he not want to be deaf – he wanted to become close to the musician as well.

Sometimes we are unable to comprehend God in our lives. He sits and plays a “beautiful tune” and there are many people that are able to comprehend His presence and they are so filled with joy and ecstasy that grows greater the closer they get to God. Then there are those who are deaf to the “beautiful tune” of God and then they receive the choice to just assume that since this joyous melody is something they cannot comprehend it must not be playing at all, or they can choose to be wise and dance along hoping, praying that one day they hear the song as well.

“Live in Tune.”- Rebbe Nachman of Breslov