Eighteenth Night of The Omer

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The eighteenth night is represented by The Netzach of Tiferes. Often there are people in the world who do good, but with a lot of pessimism because in their mind the world is a bad place – their good action is to benefit themselves and no one else. Since their good deeds have no life in them it will be hard to keep it up. But they are wrong. The world may seem like a dark place – but despite what we perceive and what others tell us, the world around us is holy, is light, like a beautiful garden. And not even a regular garden, but a garden of the King, the King of All Kings where God desires to spend time. If the taste of the world is bitter then we have to remove the peel, that which prevents us from tasting and experiencing the true sweetness in the Garden. And Hashem dwells wherever man lets him in, so we have to take pride, Netzach, in the good we do, and see the Tiferes, the Beauty, within ourselves and others.