Twentieth Night of The Omer

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The twentieth day connects to the aspect Yesod of Tiferes. Yesod, represents our foundations – what we build our lives upon. The Krula Rebbe, Rav Naftali Tzvi Horowitz once told me “If your foundation is weak, it makes no difference how many stories you build, or how impressive your structure is, it will forever be ruined. We must build a foundation strong enough to support the growth we want to achieve in our lives. Just 12 inches of a buildings foundation has so much wisdom packed into those 12 inches, from the exacting measurements to the concrete – everything must be perfect, and if there is one slight imperfection the whole building will be crooked. In our growth we need to be careful that we have a strong foundation, each and every iota of our foundation must be filled with the utmost wisdom, but even more so; don’t build your foundation with arrogance, there’s no need, for a foundation lies under the stories you build, hidden from view. But, if your structure, your growth collapses, everyone will see your foundation and if it was built with arrogance it will be apparent as to why your growth collapsed.”