Twenty Third Night of The Omer

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The twenty third night of the Omer is represented by Gevurah of Netzach. “When a seed is planted in the ground it must first break down and lose itself completely before any real growth can take place. The same is true of the soul.” Sometimes, sometimes we may feel as if we have no strength to move on. We have no motivation to keep going, we feel like nothing works and that we are on our last legs. But we need to know that these thoughts are the worst, we must overpower them, because truly, inside us, our soul yearns to burst forth in a pyrotechnical display of light. Just as the seed must lose itself before any growth can occur we must know that these feelings are going to sprout forth and truly lift our spirits. So never give up. There is always hope no matter how crushed one may feel, that destruction only leads to growth. Based on a quote of Rav Moshe Chaim Efraim of Sudilkov, the Degel Machane Efraim